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Percentage MCQ Questions and Answers on Arithmetic Ability: here learn percentage objective questions and answers on arithmetic ability and you can also download study material pdf.

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1) 1.14 expressed as a per cent of 1.9 is:

2) In an examination 80% candidates passed in English and 85% candidates passed in Mathematics. If 73% candidates passed in both these subjects, then what per cent of candidates failed in both the subjects?

3) Half percent, written as a decimal, is

4) If the price of the commodity is increased by 50% by what fraction must its consumption be reduced so as to keep the same expenditure on its consumption?

5) The population of a town increases every year by 4%. If its present population is 50,000, then after 2 years it will be

6) A and B are two fixed points 5 cm apart and C is a point on AB such that AC is 3cm. if the length of AC is increased by 6%, the length of CB is decreased by

7) The cost of an article was Rs.75. The cost was first increased by 20% and later on it was reduced by 20%. The present cost of the article is:

8) The price of the sugar rise by 25%. If a family wants to keep their expenses on sugar the same as earlier, the family will have to decrease its consumption of sugar by

9) Each side of a rectangular field diminished by 40%. By how much per cent is the area of the field diminished?

10) If the price of a commodity is decreased by 20% and its consumption is increased by 20%, what will be the increase or decrease in expenditure on the commodity?