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Ratio MCQ Questions and Answers on Arithmetic Ability: here learn ratio objective questions and answers on arithmetic ability and you can also download study material pdf.

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11) In a class, the number of girls is 20% more than that of the boys. The strength of the class is 66. If 4 more girls are admitted to the class, the ratio of the number of boys to that of the girls is

12) What must be added to each term of the ratio 7:11, So as to make it equal to 3:4?

13) Two numbers are in ratio 7:11. If 7 is added to each of the numbers, the ratio becomes 2:3. The smaller number is

14) Two numbers are in ratio P:Q. when 1 is added to both the numerator and the denominator, the ratio gets changed to R/S. again, when 1 is added to both the numerator and denominator, it becomes 1/2. Find the sum of P and Q.

15) The ratio of water and milk in a 30 liter mixture is 7:3. Find the quantity of water to be added to the mixture in order to make this ratio 6:1.

16) The incomes of A and B are in the ratio 3:2 and their expenditure are in ratio 5:3. If each saves Rs. 1000, then, A's income can be:

17) The difference between two positive numbers is 10 and the ratio between them is 5:3. Find the product of the two numbers.

18) If 30 oxen can plough 1/7th of a field in 2 days, how many days 18 oxen will take to do the remaining work?

19) A cat leaps 5 leaps for every 4 leaps of a dog, but 3 leaps of the dog are equal to 4 leaps of the cat. What is the ratio of the speed of the cat to that of the dog?

20) A and B together have Rs. 1210. If 4/15 of A's amount is equal to 2/5 of B's amount, how much amount does B have?