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Knowledge and Reasoning MCQ Questions on Artificial Intelligence:   Here provide Knowledge and Reasoning objective questions and answers. In this topic different mcq question like frames, semantic net, rules based system, inference in first-order logic etc.

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1) Knowledge and reasoning also play a crucial role in dealing with __________________ environment.

2) Treatment chosen by doctor for a patient for a disease is based on

3) A) Knowledge base (KB) is consists of set of statements. B) Inference is deriving a new sentence from the KB. Choose the correct option.

4) Wumpus World is a classic problem, best example of ____

5) ‘α |= β ‘(to mean that the sentence α entails the sentence β) if and only if, in every model in which α is _____ β is also _____

6) Which is not Familiar Connectives in First Order Logic?

7) Inference algorithm is complete only if,

8) What among the following could the universal instantiation of ___________ For all x King(x) ^ Greedy(x) => Evil(x)

9) Lifted inference rules require finding substitutions that make different logical expressions looks identical.

10) Which of the following is not the style of inference?