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Knowledge and Reasoning MCQ Questions on Artificial Intelligence:   Here provide Knowledge and Reasoning objective questions and answers. In this topic different mcq question like frames, semantic net, rules based system, inference in first-order logic etc.

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11) What among the following could the Existential instantiation of ∃x Crown(x) ^ OnHead(x, Johnny)

12) Translate the following statement into FOL. “For every a, if a is a PhD student, then a has a master degree”

13) Instead of representing knowledge in a relatively declarative, static way (as a bunch of things that are true), rule-based system represent knowledge in terms of___________ that tell you what you should do or what you could conclude in different situations.

14) Forward chaining systems are _____________ where as backward chaining systems are ________

15) A Horn clause is a clause with _______ positive literal.

16) ___________ trees can be used to infer in Horn clause systems.

17) Autonomous Question/Answering systems are

18) Following are the applications of Expert systems

19) ________ is/are the well known Expert System/s for medical diagnosis systems

20) The main components of the expert systems is/are,