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Learning MCQ Questions and Answers on Artificial Intelligence:  We provide in this topic different mcq question like learning, neural networks, decision trees , inductive logic programming etc.

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31) Which is true for neural networks?

32) Neuro software is:

33) Why is the XOR problem exceptionally interesting to neural network researchers?

34) What is back propagation?

35) Why are linearly separable problems of interest of neural network researchers?

36) Which of the following is not the promise of artificial neural network?

37) Neural Networks are complex ______________ with many parameters.

38) The name for the function in question 16 is

39) Having multiple perceptrons can actually solve the XOR problem satisfactorily: this is because each perceptron can partition off a linear part of the space itself, and they can then combine their results

40) The network that involves backward links from output to the input and hidden layers is called as ____