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Logical Agents MCQ Questions and Answers: Here provide logical agents objective questions and answers. In this topic multiple choice question like first order logic and forward chaining, backward chaining, propositional logic etc. You can learn lots of mcq question.

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1) Translate the following statement into FOL. “For every a, if a is a philosopher, then a is a scholar”

2) A _________ is used to demonstrate, on a purely syntactic basis, that one formula is a logical consequence of another formula.

3) The statement comprising the limitations of FOL is/are

4) First Order Logic is also known as ___________

5) The adjective “first-order” distinguishes first-order logic from ___________ in which there are predicates having predicates or functions as arguments, or in which one or both of predicate quantifiers or function quantifiers are permitted.

6) Which is created by using single propositional symbol?

7) Which is used to construct the complex sentences?

8) How many proposition symbols are there in artificial intelligence?

9) How many logical connectives are there in artificial intelligence?

10) Which is used to compute the truth of any sentence?