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Planning and Acting in the Real World MCQ Questions and Answers:  We provide in this topic different mcq question like partial order planning, graph plan algorithm, planning and acting in the real world etc. 

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1) The process by which the brain incrementally orders actions needed to complete a specific task is referred as,

2) In partial order plan. A. Relationships between the actions of the behavior are set prior to the actions B. Relationships between the actions of the behavior are not set until absolutely necessary Choose the correct option.

3) What are you predicating by the logic: ۷x: €y: loyalto(x, y).

4) A plan that describe how to take actions in levels of increasing refinement and specificity is

5) A constructive approach in which no commitment is made unless it is necessary to do so, is

6) Uncertainty arises in the Wumpus world because the agent’s sensors give only

7) Which of the following search belongs to totally ordered plan search?

8) Which cannot be taken as advantage for totally ordered plan search?

9) What is the advantage of totally ordered plan in constructing the plan?

10) Which strategy is used for delaying a choice during search?