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Problem Solving MCQ Questions and Answers: Here provide problem solving objective questions and answers on Artificial Intelligence. In this topic different approches to problem solving mcq question like informed and uninformed, local search problem and optimization problems, search strategy with informed or uninformed etc.

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1) The main task of a problem-solving agent is

2) What is state space?

3) A search algorithm takes _________ as an input and returns ________ as an output.

4) A problem in a search space is defined by one of these state.

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5) The Set of actions for a problem in a state space is formulated by a __________

6) The process of removing detail from a given state representation is called_____

7) A problem solving approach works well for

8) The _______ is a touring problem in which each city must be visited exactly once. The aim is to find the shortest tour.

9) Web Crawler is a/an

10) The major component/components for measuring the performance of problem solving

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