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Banking Awareness MCQ Questions and Answers : here learn quiz questions and answer on Banking Awareness.

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1) Kapoor committee, 1999 is related to ____.

2) Which of the following institution is meant for small and medium enterprises?

3) Under the second phase of nationalization, 07 banks were nationalized. Their deposits were over ________ crore.

4) The tag line ‘A friend you can bank on’ is of which bank?

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5) Who is having the major stakes in NABARD?

6) Gilt-edged securities market is the market for government and semi-government securities. These securities carry

7) Expand AEPS in terms of banking.

8) Expand DRI related to a scheme meant for weaker section of our country.

9) The bank which refinances the loans given to the poor and weaker sections to construct or buy houses is

10) ACH is a nationwide automated electronic system that monitors and administers the process of cheques and fund clearance between banks. Expand ACH.

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