CCC Online Test Computer Fundamental MCQ Questions

CCC Online Test Computer Fundamental MCQ Questions

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CCC Online Test Fundametal MCQ Questions:- Here learn computer fundamental mcq questions and answers. here you can learn and test each question with option and get also result.

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321) The control unit of a microprocessor

322) Which of the following is internal memory?

323) Which operation is not performed by computer

324) Floppy disks which are made from flexible plastic material are also called?

325) The magnetic storage chip used to provide non-volatile direct access storage of data and that have no moving parts are known as

326) A collection of related instructions organized for a common purpose is referred to as

327) Plotter accuracy is measured in terms of repeatability and

328) Computer instructions written with the use of English words instead of binary machine code is called

329) Which language is directly understood by the computer without translation program?

330) On which aspect the analog computers are better than digital?