CCC Online Test MS Powerpoint MCQ Questions and Answers

CCC Online Test MS Powerpoint MCQ Questions and Answers

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MS Powerpoint MCQ Question - student! here most important powerpoint objective questions and answers in english, you can learn and test lots of questions for ccc exam.

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91) Which of the following is the default page setup orientation for slides in PowerPoint?

92) How can you get your photo album slide show to play continuously?

93) What are symbols used to identify items in a list?

94) The toolbars that are displayed by default in the PowerPoint window includes

95) You have got a bunch of digital holiday photo you want to put into a slide show. What the quickest method?

96) How would you create the following diagram in PowerPoint

97) Which of the following provides a means of printing out features notes with a miniature slide on a printed page?

98) You were giving your presentation, and you need to click a slide that's few slides back. How do you get there?

99) Which of the following should you do to bring a bullet back to a previous level?

100) Good design determines