CCC Online Test MS Powerpoint MCQ Questions and Answers

CCC Online Test MS Powerpoint MCQ Questions and Answers

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MS Powerpoint MCQ Question - student! here most important powerpoint objective questions and answers in english, you can learn and test lots of questions for ccc exam.

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241) Which file format can be added to a PowerPoint show ?

242) How to select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation ?

243) Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are known as ?

244) You can edit an embedded organization chart object by ?

245) Which of the following is not one of PowerPoint view ?

246) Which PowerPoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?

247) Which PowerPoint feature allows the user to create a simple presentation quickly ?

248) Slide sorter can be accessed from which menu ?

249) To print powerpoint presentation, press

250) What would I choose to create a pre-formatted style ?