CCC MS Excel MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf Download

CCC MS Excel MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf Download

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CCC Online Test MS Excel MCQ Questions and Answers [with Pdf Download] : Here learn mcq on ms excel and download 50 excel mcq questions with answers pdf

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171) Formula palette is used to ?

172) A value used in a formula that does not change is called a ?

173) A Spreadsheet contains ?

174) To open an existing workbook, click the Open button on the ___ toolbar ?

175) Which among following is not associated with spelling dialogue box ?

176) what term describes a background that appears as a grainy, non smooth surface ?

177) Which among following is associated with excel ?

178) The cell reference for a range of cells that starts in cell C1 and goes over to column H and down to row 10 is ?

179) You can convert existing Excel worksheet data and charts to HTML document by using the ?

180) To create an interactive Pivot Table for the web, you use a Microsoft Office Web component called ?