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Computer Hardware Multiple Choice Questions and Answers : Here learn computer hardware objective questions and answers and you can also download computer hardware objective questions and answers pdf

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1) Capacitance is measured in units of:

2) When not in use, it is very important to keep 5 1/4 diskettes in _____.

3) What can you use to ensure power is not interrupted, resulting in corrupted data?

4) The POST routine, which counts system board RAM first, is stored in:

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5) IDE cables have how many pins?

6) What is the recommended way to fix the registry description for the printer driver

7) An important first step in troubleshooting which component in a laser printer is causing a jam is to:

8) Which of the following items would require you t.o comply with EPA disposal guidelines?

9) What should you replace if the brightness or contrast adjustments were malfunctioning on a laptop?

10) On a leased line installation a known good external modem shows no carrier detect light. Where is the problem most likely to be?

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