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Computer Hardware MCQ Questions and Answers : Here learn computer hardware objective questions and answers and you can also download computer hardware objective questions and answers pdf

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1) During the normal PC boot process, which of the following is active first?

2) When configuring a new network interface card for installation, which of the following would be a valid I/O address?

3) Which device should not be plugged into a standard ups?

4) What is the main communication method from one PDA to another PDA?

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5) What allows you to print on both sides of the printer?

6) What Does EISA stand for?

7) A static jolt of as little of _____ volts can fry most any PC integrated circuit.

8) COM 4 uses which I/O port?

9) What type of FRU is a SCSI host adapter?

10) How many DMA channels are in an AT-machine?

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