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Computer Hardware MCQ Questions and Answers : Here learn computer hardware objective questions and answers and you can also download computer hardware objective questions and answers pdf

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1) After displaying the directory of a floppy disk, a different floppy is inserted into the drive. The contents of the original floppy continue to display regardless of the director requests on the other floppies placed in the drive. You remove the drive in question and install it into your test system, and it does not exhibit the problem. You should next replace the:

2) A customer has just installed a new cd-rw. the system was working fine before the installation, but now the cdrom does not work, what should you suggest that the customer do?

3) Which is the most difficult environmentally to dispose of?

4) Resistance is measured:

5) How may standard levels of interrupts are provided on the 8-bit ISA bus (XT-class computer)?

6) What is the most likely cause of an "FDD controller Failure" error message?

7) You are testing the resistance in Ohms of a fuse on a 2 amp systems. If the fuse is good, the meter should read?

8) To prevent the computer from overheating you should?

9) How many devices does USB support?

10) You're on your PC at midnight and an electric storm pops up. What's the best way to protect your PC.