ODBC, OLE DB, ADO, and ASP MCQ Questions and Answers

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In this section we provide lots of objective question of ODBC, OLE DB, ADO, and ASP in Database Management System.

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1) ODBC minimum SQL grammar contains which of the following?

2) When using ODBC, which of the following processes ODBC requests and submits specific SQL statements to a given type of data source?

3) The ODBC core API consists of which of the following functions?

4) ________ is a simple object model that is easier to understand and use than OLE DB, and is frequently used for database applications.

5) ODBC core SQL grammar contains which of the following?:

6) ________ is considered to be one of the foundations of data access in the Microsoft world.

7) ________ is an interface by which application programs can access and process SQL databases in a DBMS-independent manner.

8) Which of the following are goals of OLE DB?

9) An ODBC data structure that identifies a database and the DBMS that processes it is called a(n):

10) In OLE DB, actions that an object can perform are called: