SQL Server 2000 MCQ Questions and Answers

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In this section we provide lots of objective question of SQL Server 2000 in Database Management System.

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1) With which type of SQL Server recovery model are all database changes logged except those that cause large log entries?

2) Using SQL Server 2000, which of the following symbols is used to indicate parameters in stored procedures?

3) What mode of authentication does SQL Server NOT provide?

4) The strictest transaction isolation level provided by SQL Server is called:

5) SQL Server program code that is executed instead of an SQL command that needs to be processed is called a(n):

6) Which type of SQL Server cursor concurrency places an update lock on a row when the row is read?

7) Which of the three possible types of triggers does SQL Server support?

8) Which of the following is a way to create and modify tables using SQL Server?

9) With which type of SQL Server recovery model, is no logging done?

10) SQL Server 2000 stored procedures can: