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Analog Electronics MCQ Questions and Answers: here learn anolog electronics multiple choice questions and answers related to electrical engineering. here you can learn mcqs questions for electrical engineering.

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1) The action of JFET in its equivalent circuit can best be represented as a

2) In a CB amplifier the maximum efficiency could be

3) In a p⁺n junction diode under reverse bias , the magnitude of electric field is maximum at

4) To prevent a DC return between source and load, it is necessary to use

5) A constant current signal across a parallel RLC circuits gives an o/p of 1.4v at the signal frequency of 3.89KHZ and 4.1KHZ. At the frequency of 4KHZ,the o/p voltage will be

6) If=0.98, Ico=6µA and Iβ=100µA for a transistor,then the value of Ic will be

7) Which of the following is not associated with a p-n junction

8) The cascade amplifier is a multistage configuration of

9) An npn BJT has gm=38mA/v, cµ =10¯14 F, cπ =10¯13F and DC current gain β0=90.For this transistor fT & fβ are

10) Negative feedback in an amplifier