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Electromagnetic Field Theory MCQ Questions and Answers: We provide lots of multiple choice questions and answers related to Electromagnetic Field Theory. here you can learn mcqs  questions for electrical engineering.

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1) A loop antenna is a commonly used for

2) The divergence of a vector is a scalar, while the curl of a vector is another

3) Which antenna is a wideband antenna?

4) The potential that appears at a point in space due to the current which caused it is called potential

5) The minimum height of outer atmosphere is

6) The radiation pattern of a parabola antenna is

7) The virtual height of an ionospheric layer is __________ true height

8) The transmitting antennas for lower frequencies (below 500 kHz) are generally

9) Which of the following will increase the antenna radiation efficiency?

10) According to maximum power transfer theorem, the maximum power is absorbed by one network from another network when