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RLC Circuits and Resonance MCQ Questions and Answers: We provide lots of multiple choice questions and answers related to RLC Circuits and Resonance. here you can learn mcqs  questions for electrical engineering.

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1) A certain series resonant circuit has a bandwidth of 2 kHz. If the existing coil is replaced with one having a higher value of Q, the bandwidth will

2) A 6.8 kΩ resistor, a 7 mH coil, and a 0.02 µF capacitor are in parallel across a 17 kHz ac source. The coil's internal resistance, RW, is 30 Ω. The equivalent parallel resistance, Rp(eq), is

3) The impedance at the resonant frequency of a series RLC circuit with L = 20 mH, C = 0.02 µF, and RW = 90 Ω is

4) To tune a parallel resonant circuit to a higher frequency, the capacitance should be

5) A 15 Ω resistor, an inductor with 8 Ω inductive reactance, and a capacitor with 12 Ω capacitive reactance are in parallel across an ac voltage source. The circuit impedance is

6) A 9 mH coil is in parallel with a 0.015 µF capacitor across an 18 kHz ac source. The coil's internal resistance RW, is 60 Ω. The circuit impedance is

7) A 200 Ω resistor, a coil with 30 Ω of reactance, and a capacitor of unknown reactance are in series across an ac source. The circuit is at resonance. Circuit impedance is

8) If the resistance in parallel with a parallel resonant circuit is reduced, the bandwidth

9) If the value of C in a series RLC circuit is decreased, the resonant frequency

10) A certain series RLC circuit with a 200 Hz, 15 V ac source has the following values: R = 12 Ω, C = 80 µF, and L = 10 mH. The total impedance, expressed in polar form, is