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General Financial Rules 2017 MCQ Questions and Answers: Here learn general financial rules objective questions and answers.

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21) Petty losses are losses not exceeding (need not be reported) in terms of GFR 2017

22) Cases involving serious irregularities shall not be brought to the notice of

23) Report of loss shall be made at

24) The reports on losses, which the HoD cannot finally dispose of under the delegated powers, shall be submitted to

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25) In cases of loss to Government on account of culpability of Government servants, the loss should be borne by the

26) If any recoveries are made from the erring Government officials in cash, the receipt will be credited to the that borne/sustained the loss i.e.

27) All cases involving loss of Government money arising from erroneous or irregular issue of cheques or irregular accounting of receipts will be reported to the

28) Cases involving material loss or destruction of Government property as a result of fire, theft, fraud, etc., shall be invariably reported to the Police for investigation as early as possible where value of loss exceeds

29) All loss of immovable property, such as buildings, communications, or other works, caused by fire, flood, cyclone, earthquake or any other natural cause, shall be reported at once by the subordinate authority concerned to Government through the usual channel incase loss exceeds

30) Pick the incorrect one regarding submission of any files categorized as ‘Secret’ or ‘Top Secret to Audit officer

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