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Biology MCQ Questions with Answers : We provide Gk Biology mcq questions and answers, here learn quiz questions related to General Knowledge and download pdf of objective questions with answers.

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1) Ordinary table salt is sodium chloride. What is baking soda?

2) Ozone hole refers to

3) Pine, fir, spruce, cedar, larch and cypress are the famous timber-yielding plants of which several also occur widely in the hilly regions of India. All these belong to

4) Pollination is best defined as

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5) Plants receive their nutrients mainly from

6) Movement of cell against concentration gradient is called

7) Photosynthesis generally takes place in which parts of the plant?

8) Plants synthesis protein from

9) Plants absorb dissolved nitrates from soil and convert them into

10) Out of 900 reported species of living gymnosperms, conifers are represented by about 500 species, About 2,50,000 species of angiosperms (flowering plants) have also been reported in the world. The vast and dominant woodlands in Europe, Asia, North America and mountains such as Himalayas are wooded with

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