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Chemistry Objective Questions and Answers for Gerneral Knowledge : We provide Gk Chemistry mcq questions and answers, here learn quiz questions related to General Knowledge and download pdf of objective questions with answers.

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1) The nucleus of an atom consists of

2) The number of moles of solute present in 1 kg of a solvent is called its

3) The most electronegative element among the following is

4) The metal used to recover copper from a solution of copper sulphate is

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5) The number of d-electrons in Fe2+ (Z = 26) is not equal to that of

6) The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called

7) The molecules of which gas have highest speed?

8) The main buffer system of the human blood is

9) The gas present in the stratosphere which filters out some of the sun s ultraviolet light and provides an effective shield against radiation damage to living things is

10) The most commonly used bleaching agent is

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