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GST Questions and Answers for Online Exam Test: Here learn multiple choice questions on gst and you can also download pdf of 50 questions.

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1) The subsumption of which taxes will make the GST – a pucca Destination based Consumption Tax

2) When did GST come into effect in India?

3) The Items which will be taxable both under current Central Excise Law and new GST even after the implementation of the GST Act.

4) The calculation of the aggregate turnover to decide the Taxable Minimum Turnover will be based on

5) The Dealers who are not eligible for any Threshold Limit in the minimum Registrable Turnover?

6) Aggregate Turnover Limit for Opting Compounding Scheme

7) Dealers not eligible for Opting Compounding Scheme

8) The permissible order of cross utilisation of IGST credit over the tax liabilities

9) The Tax applicable to interstate supplies will be:

10) The recommendation of the GST Council will be