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Multiple Choice Questions on GST [with Pdf] for CS Executive : Here learn mcq on gst for cs excutive exam, which provide most important quiz questions and answer with latest pdf 2018.

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1) What will be a Taxable Event in GST?

2) All the existing Registered Dealers under existing laws will be automatically migrated in to GST on provisional basis except:

3) The Order of the Utilisation of the SGST ITC Credit will be:

4) What constitute the repeated short payment of tax in GST?

5) What will be the maximum amount of penalty u/s.67 for contravening any provision of the GST Act or Rules on which no separate penalty is prescribed?

6) Suppose, after filing of the application for settlement, if the applicant is convicted of any offence or the commission convinced that the applicant is not co-operating with them. What will be the fate of the settlement application?

7) The permissible time period to correct any error apparent on the face of record in the order of the settlement commission will be?

8) Who will be the competent authority to issue an authorisation in writing for conducting any search?

9) The minimum transaction value which necessitates the accompanying of any of the prescribed transporting documents will be :

10) Whenever the goods will become a subject matter of confiscation in GST?