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41) The refund application of the UN agencies, embassies or consulate will be processed based on:

42) The Tax wrongly paid under IGST instead of Tax on intra-state (Local) supply-How it will be treated in the GST?

43) All the pending Refunds,Appeals,Revison,Review ,etc related to earlier enactment will be disposed in GST regime as per:

44) Suppose, if any export is subject to any export duty as part of any govt.policy, what will be the fate of the unutilised ITC in such cases?

45) What will be the mode of filing Refund Application and its supporting documents in GST?

46) The scanned documents required for filing ITC on export?

47) A Special Audit is conducted with prior permission of the Commissioner for a detailed examination on a focused issues like:

48) A special Audit is conducted by :

49) The Special Audit report is to be submitted normally within a period of :

50) The expenses for conducting a special audit are met by: