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1) What is the rate of interest to be payable in case of delay in sanctioning the refund claimed

2) The tax paying documents in section 16(2) is

3) The sanction refund amount can be adjusted against the payments which he is liable to pay but remains unpaid under the earlier law.

4) Place of supply of service for DTH by ABC Pvt. Ltd. located in Mumbai to customer in Patna is

5) Mr. X of Hyderabad not having bank account takes a demand draft in Kolkata from ABC Bank for his visa purpose. The place of supply is

6) The provider of AMC service outside India has entered into an agreement for an aircraft company PQR located in India AMC. The service provider provides repair service to the aircraft when it was in India. The place of service in this case is

7) Out of IGST paid to the Central Government, which of the following must be apportioned based on tax rate equivalent to the CGST on similar intra-state supply?

8) The late fee forthe delay in filing of any inward supply statement, outward and return will be :

9) The late fee for the delay in filing of the annual return will be :

10) The basic nature of assessment in GST will be: