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GST Quiz Questions and Answers [with Pdf]: We provide lots of multiple choice question for Goods and Service Tax (GST). We provided many sets and each set contain 70 question.

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1) Which of the following supply involving movement of goods is an intra-State supply?

2) Should receipt be given when samples are taken by the department?

3) Whether prosecution can be initiated against the following persons?

4) What are the circumstances when information collected by GST officer can be disclosed by such GST officer?

5) Whether validity of service of notice can be called into question when assessee has submitted himself to adjudication proceedings pursuant to such notice?

6) When can mistake apparent on record be corrected?

7) Which of the following is an inter-State supply?

8) Which of the following transaction is inter-state supply of goods involving movement of goods?

9) Supply of goods in the course of import of territory of India is

10) Within what period should the mistake apparent on record be brought to the notice of the authority?