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HTML Formatting Tag MCQ -here learn and test online practice html formatting tags mcq questions and answers where provide lots of questions.pdf.

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1) Which tag is used for marked and highlighted text in web document?

2) For adding quotation marks in web page paragraph or in line which tag we can use?

3) For defining default font size, color, and typeface for any part of document which element attribute you will use

4) Dir, lang and xml:lang attributes are example of

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5) Text inside a <pre> element tag is displayed

6) A tag which is used for overriding current text direction e.g. Right to left side

7) For using subscript in web document which tag is used?

8) Which tag we can use for adding an emphasized text in web document?

9) <b> and <i> tags in HTML document are used for?

10) <b> tag makes the enclosed text bold. What is other tag to make text bold?

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