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HTML Plugins MCQ Questions - here learn and online practice questions on html plugins where we provides lots of multiple choice questions..

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1) A well-known helper plug-in for HTML is?

2) Plug-ins can be added to web pages with <object> tag and?

3) Which plugins can provide the fallback support for old browsers?

4) Which of the following plug-in can’t be embedded by <object> element?

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5) What is the prefix of all the browser-specific functions?

6) When is the instance created, which plug-in API function is called?

7) Which function will be called when the last instance of a plug-in is deleted?

8) When the user leaves instance’s page which function is called?

9) Which of the following is not the directory in Windows for plug-ins?

10) Which of the following is not the directory in Mac OS X for plug-ins?

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