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Income Tax MCQ Questions and Answers: Here learn quiz questions on Income Tax Act and download pdf 50 questions.

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51) The rate of tax that is leivable on STCG arising from transfer of Equity shares of a Company or units of an Equity oriented fund is

52) Body of individual should consist of

53) Family pension received by a widow of a member of the armed forces where the death of the member has occurred in the course of the operational duties, is

54) R transferred his house property to his wife under an agreement to live apart. Income from such house property shall be taxable in the hands of :

55) R gifted his house property to his married minor daughter. The income from such house property shall be taxable in the hands of

56) Interest on capital or loan received by a partner from a firm is

57) Under the head Business or Profession, the method of accounting which an assessee can follow shall be :

58) Certain revenue and capital expenditure on scientific research are allowed as deduction in the previous year of commencement of business even if these are incurred:

59) If any amount is donate for research, such research should be in nature of

60) Preliminary expenses incurred are allowed deduction in