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Javascript Classes and Modules MCQ Questions and Answers : We provide quiz questions on Javascript Classes and Modules where you can learn lots of objective questions with answers and you can also download pdf of javascript.

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1) The behaviour of the instances present of a class inside a method is defined by

2) The keyword or the property that you use to refer to an object through which they were invoked is

3) Consider the following code snippet :

 var o = new F();
o.constructor === F

The output would be :

4) The basic difference between JavaScript and Java is

5) The meaning for Augmenting classes is that

6) The property of JSON() method is:

7) When a class B can extend another class A, we say that

8) If A is the superclass and B is the subclass, then subclass inherting the superclass can be represented as

9) The snippet that filters the filtered set is

10) The method that can be used to create new properties and also to modify the attributes of existing properties is