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Javascript Array MCQ Questions and Answers : We provide quiz questions on Javascript Array where you can learn lots of objective questions with answers and you can also download pdf of javascript.

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1) Consider the code snippet given below

var count = [1,,3];

What is the observation made?

2) Consider the following code snippet

  var a1 = [,,,];
var a2 = new Array(3);
0 in a1
0 in a2
The result would be

3) The pop() method of the array does which of the following task ?

4) Consider the following code snippet :

 if (!a[i]) continue;

What is the observation made ?

5) What will happen if reverse() and join() methods are used simultaneously ?

6) Consider the following code snippet :

var a = [1,2,3,4,5];

What is the possible output for the above code snippet ?

7) Consider the following code snippet :

  var a = [];

The final output for the shift() is

8) The primary purpose of the array map() function is that it

9) The reduce and reduceRight methods follow a common operation called

10) The method or operator used to identify the array is