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Linux MCQ Questions and Answers with Pdf: Here provide Linux Objective Questions and Answers, here most important quiz questions related to Linux and you can download pdf of objective questions with answers. 

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1) What command is used to count the total number of lines, words, and characters contained in a file?

2) What command is used to remove files?

3) What command is used to remove the directory?

4) What command is used with vi editor to delete a single character?

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5) What hardware architectures are not supported by Red Hat?

6) The physical layer of a network

7) What TCP/IP protocol is used for remote terminal connection service?

8) How many networks and nodes per network, are allowed by the Class B network?

9) What service is used to translate domain names to IP addresses?

10) Which of the following command is used to create a Linux installation hoot floppy?

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