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Linux Quiz Questions and Answers: We provide Linux MCQ Questions and Answers, here most important quiz questions related to Linux and you can download pdf of objective questions with answers. 

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1) Executing the ‘cd ..’ command when at the root level causes

2) How do you rename file “new” to file “old”?

3) What command is used to copy files and directories?

4) When mv f1 f2 is executed which file’s inode is freed?

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5) Any file’s attribute information is stored in which structure on the disk

6) How many links are created when we creat a directory file?

7) A user creates a link to a file file1 using the following command “ln file1 file2”. Which of the following is not true?

8) There are two hard links to the “file1” say hl and h2 and a softlink sl. What happens if we deleted the “file1”?

9) If two files on same partition point to the same inode structure they are called

10) Deleting a soft-link

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