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Linux MCQ Questions and Answers: We provide Linux MCQ Questions and Answers, here most important quiz questions related to Linux and you can download pdf of objective questions with answers. 

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1) Which of the following command provides the list of the functions defined in the login session?

2) The keyword ‘local’ is used

3) Functions improves the shell’s programmability significantly, because

4) In the shell, by default, all variables are considered and stored as

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5) Which command reads user input from the terminal and assign this value to a variable name?

6) Which one of the following statement is true about variables in shell?

7) Which one of the following is not a valid shell variable?

8) To redefine a variable, it can be removed from the list of variables by using the command

9) Which built-in command performs integer arithmetic in bash shell?

10) Which expression use the value of the enclosed arithmetic expression?

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