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Requirement Engineering MCQ Questions and answers: here learn quiz questions on Requirement Englineering topic of Software engineering and test online.

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11) Which of the following statements explains portability in non-functional requirements?

12) Choose the incorrect statement with respect to Non-Functional Requirement(NFR)

13) How many classification schemes have been developed for NFRs ?

14) According to components of FURPS+, which of the following does not belong to S ?

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15) What are the four dimensions of Dependability ?

16) Choose the correct statement on how NFRs integrates with Rational Unified Process ?

17) What is the first step of requirement elicitation ?

18) What are the types of requirement in Quality Function Deployment(QFD) ?

19) What kind of approach was introduced for elicitation and modelling to give a functional view of the system ?

20) What are the kinds of actors used in OOSE ?

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