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Software Engineering Basic MCQ Questions and Answers: Here learn quiz questions with answer on Software Engineering.

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1) Choose the correct option in terms of Issues related to professional responsibility

2) “Software engineers should not use their technical skills to misuse other people’s computers.”Here the term misuse refers to:

3) Explain what is meant by PRODUCT with reference to one of the eight principles as per the ACM/IEEE Code of Ethics ?

4) Identify an ethical dilemma from the situations mentioned below:

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5) Identify the correct statement: “Software engineers shall

6) Select the incorrect statement: “Software engineers should

7) Efficiency in a software product does not include ____

8) As per an IBM report, “31%of the project get cancelled before they are completed, 53% overrun their cost estimates by an average of 189% and for every 100 projects, there are 94 restarts”.What is the reason for these statistics ?

9) The reason for software bugs and failures is due to

10) Which of these are not among the eight principles followed by Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice ?

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