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Software Modelling MCQ Questions and Answers: Here learn quiz questions on various system modeling of Software Engineering.

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1) The Unified Modeling Language (UML) has become an effective standard for software modelling.How many different notations does it have ?

2) Which model in system modelling depicts the dynamic behaviour of the system ?

3) Which perspective in system modelling shows the system or data architecture.

4) The UML supports event-based modeling using ____________ diagrams.

5) Which of the following diagram is not supported by UML considering Data-driven modeling ?

6) ________________ allows us to infer that different members of classes have some common characteristics.

7) _____________ & ______________ diagrams of UML represent Interaction modeling.

8) Which level of Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) models all entities and relationships ?

9) ________ classes are used to create the interface that the user sees and interacts with as the software is used.

10) Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding the Class-responsibility-collaborator (CRC) modeling ?