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SQL MCQ Questions and Answers : We provide sql quiz questions and answers, here learn mcq questions related to Structured Query Language and test online of objective questions and free download pdf.

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1) _____________ allow concurrent transactions to read (SELECT) a resource.

2) Which is the most restrictive isolation level in transaction ?

3) ________ locks allow processes to bulk copy data concurrently into the same table.

4) Which of the following locking hint is similar to NOLOCK ?

5) Which of the following mode indicates the intention of the transaction to read all of the resources lower in the hierarchy ?

6) Which of the following lock is incompatible with all lock modes ?

7) Which of the following mode has exclusive range and exclusive resource lock ?

8) Which of the following design strategy can reduce the occurrence of blocking locks ?

9) Which of the following occurs when two connections need access to same piece of data concurrently and the meanwhile another is blocked because at a particular time, only one connection can have access ?

10) An XML deadlock graph has ______ main sections.