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SQL MCQ Questions and Answers : We provide sql quiz questions and answers, here learn mcq questions related to Structured Query Language and test online of objective questions and free download pdf.

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1) The Business Intelligence Wizard supports ______ different types of currency conversion.

2) If you select the __________ conversion type, a reporting currency dimension is also created.

3) Which of the following Sort order sorts and compares data in Analysis Services based on the bit patterns defined for each character ?

4) __________ distinguishes between a single-byte character and the same character when represented as a double-byte character.

5) Which of the following property enables Analysis Services to use a faster algorithm for string hashing and comparison ?

6) ______ lets you manage cube context from within an MDX script.

7) _____ causes the server to raise an error when Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services finds any error in the MDX script.

8) The Backus-Naur Form (BNF) of {*( | | )} will be parsed as ______ for backwards compatibility.

9) _______ creates a calculation that evaluates a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression over a specified set of tuples within a cube.

10) Which of the following is MDX Data Definition Statement ?