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SQL MCQ Questions and Answers [with Pdf] : We provide sql quiz questions and answers, here learn mcq questions related to Structured Query Language and test online of objective questions and free download pdf.

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1) The ________ connective tests for set membership, where the set is a collection of values produced by a select clause. The _________ connective tests for the absence of set membership.

2) Select ID, GPA from student grades order by GPA ____________ Inorder to give only 10 rank on the whole we should use :

3) Which of the following is not the function of client ?

4) Which server can join the indexes when only multiple indexes combined can cover the query ?

5) Select ________ dept_name from instructor; Here which of the following displays the unique values of the column ?

6) Select ID, name, dept name, salary * 1.1 where instructor; The query given below will not give an error. Which one of the following has to be replaced to get the desired output ?

7) Select * from student join takes using (ID); The above query is equivalent to :

8) The ______ clause allows us to select only those rows in the result relation of the ____ clause that satisfy a specified predicate.

9) Select * from employee where salary>10000 and dept_id=101; Which of the following fields are displayed as output?

10) Insert into employee _________ (1002,Joey,2000); In the given query which of the keyword has to be inserted ?