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SQL MCQ Questions and Answers : We provide sql quiz questions and answers, here learn mcq questions related to Structured Query Language and test online of objective questions and free download pdf.

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1) Which of the following script is an example of Quick detection in SQL injection attack?

2) _____________ is time based SQL injection attack.

3) Which of the following operation cannot be performed in bulk ?

4) Under the _______ recovery model, all bulk operations are fully logged

5) Which of the following is a bulk import operation ?

6) Which of the following utility supports bulk exports and bulk imports data and generates format files ?

7) _________ does not allow bulk export operation in SQL Server.

8) Which of the following performance considerations are regarding bulk operations ?

9) _______ parameter specifies the number of rows in a batch in bulk insert script.

10) Which is default field terminator for bulk insert in SQL Server ?