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SQL MCQ Questions and Answers : We provide sql quiz questions and answers, here learn mcq questions related to Structured Query Language and test online of objective questions and free download pdf.

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1) Users need _________ permission to create collection model object in MDS.

2) Policy based management views are present in _________ database.

3) Point out the correct statement related to database configuration :

4) Which of the following is policy based management tip related to administration ?

5) Which of the following is Policy-based management view?

6) Policy based management view is owned by _______ schema.

7) Which of the following column is a part of syspolicy_policies result ?

8) How many types of execution mode are present in syspolicy_policies ?

9) ________ displays the condition expressions that were executed,

10) Purpose of syspolicy_system_health_state in policy based management is :