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Tally GST MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf Download: Here provide tally gst practical questions and answers with gst, you can learn and test mcq questions on tally with answers.

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1) Debit note is used for entering

2) Bottom of tally screen shows

3) ____________ button helps to connect data from spread sheet or other application

4) For entries involving both cash and bank transactions we use _______________ voucher

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5) For entries not involving either cash or bank transactions we use _______________ voucher

6) Loans from individual comes under ________ group

7) Adjustment entries can be entered in

8) Which shortcut key is pressed to go to company Info. Menu from Gateway of Tally

9) Which key is pressed to go to Gateway of Tally from company Info. Menu

10) To change Current Date from Gateway of Tally press the key

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