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Unix MCQ Questions and Answers: We provide Unix MCQ Questions and Answers, here most important quiz questions related to Unix and you can download pdf of objective questions with answers. 

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1) Which symbol is used to redirect error messages to /dev/null?

2) Which file is used for indicating terminals?

3) Which symbol is used to connect different streams?

4) Which command saves one copy of character stream in a file and store the other to standard output?

5) Which of the following is not true about tee command?

6) Shell enables one or more arguments to be obtained from the standard output of another command. This feature is called _______

7) Which of the following meta-character is used in command substitution?

8) POSIX recommends the use of ____ instead of archaic `command ` for command substitution.

9) Which of the following shell doesn’t support the command substitution using $ recommended by POSIX?

10) Which symbol is used for assigning a value to variables?